I Moved!

Moved to a new place. Still renting. The new place is on Lake Mission Viejo, which is pretty cool except that, as it turns out, sound travels across water. Right now some house across the lake is hosting P-Diddy’s comeback party and he’s doing a cover of “Twist and Shout”. So sad.

Frankly, I can’t believe that this isn’t against the CC&R’s. Those aren’t cheap homes over on the other side of the lake. OTOH, I suppose it *is* P-Dids. He’s now covering “867-5309/Jenny”.The condo is a top-floor, ground-level unit. Two-car garage. Garage isn’t attached, though. 2/2. Listed as 1,400 s.f., but I’m thinking it’s more like 1,200. I need to get some furniture. Has a huge deck with the view over the lake. You should come over some time, I’ll barbecue up some frozen burritos.

We’ll see if I stay here more than a year. It’s a great place, but you’d think I’d want to buy a house again some time. Or get off the grid entirely and travel the world. Either. Or. Nothing in between.


PS, I was going to mention some amount of distress about receiving an email forward from my dad that dredges up Hilary Clinton’s connection to the Black Panthers in 1969 and then makes up some more stuff to go along with it — but I don’t want to damage my arch-righty credentials. But even if she ever had represented accused murderers, wouldn’t you think that 38 years later it might be time to forgiver her?

Answer: NO! Bdunn: Arch. Righty. (Ah heck: http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/panthers.asp.)

PPS, Given that he’s now covering “My Sharona”, I’m concerned for the success potential of the upcoming P-Diddy comeback.

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