BKD Tour 2007

Yeah, so I’m only posting this frequently b/c the new blog is fun. I’ll cut back soon, promise. Anyway, inspired by other writers who give out their convention attendance plans, here’s my tour schedule this year. If anyone’s going to be in any of these areas when I am, give me a holler.

January 8-11: Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, Nev.

January 15-16: LinkShare Summit – San Francisco, Calif.

January 31-February 2: Shop.org First Look – Orlando, Fla.

March 4-6: Email Marketing Summit – Miami, Fla.

April 17-20: Shop.org Marketing Workshop – Hollywood, Fla.

May 16-18: Vendor-Client Meetings – Ft. Worth (and Austin?), Tex.

June 18-20: LinkShare Symposium – New York, N.Y.

June 29-July 10: Research Expedition – Fiji and Solomon Islands

July 18-20: Shop.org Merchandising Conference – San Diego, Calif.

August 20-23: SES San Jose – San Jose, Calif.

September 17-19: Shop.org Annual Summit – Las Vegas, Nev.

September 21-23: BYU vs. Air Force – Provo, Utah (tentative)

November 1-4: WFC2007 – Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (tentative)

I’m guessing Q4 will fill out a little more. And I might fly out to NYC a couple days early, or leave a day late or something. But yeah. If you’re in the areas, lmk.



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