I’m Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

Because sometimes even I want to fit in. Not really — I just want to inflict information about myself on an unsuspecting world. Either way:

Google Images, first one that comes up for each of these.

1. Age on my next birthday:

2. My favorite color:

3. My Middle Name:

(Boy that one’s sure obvious…)

4. Last Meal I Ate:

5. My Bad Habit:

(it’s not as bad as it looks — at least, not when *I* do it)

6. My favorite fruit or vegetable:

7. My favorite animal:

8. The town I live in:

9. The name of my last pet:

Right, so my last pet was named Syracuse Air Force ROTC.

10/11. I’m passing (10 = significant other’s name, 11 = my crush’s name).

12. My occupation:

I herd Asian businesspeople for a living.

13. My birth city:

And a nice shot of it, too.

14. My favorite song:

Today? I’ll go with…



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