I Suck at Vacation

But am trying to make due. Been on Kauai since Wednesday. It’s different from Orange County. Hard to find POG for some reason. Haven’t found a plate lunch place yet. Still haven’t figured out how to relax. I should be *doing* something.

Bought two Hawaiian shirts and a shell necklace yesterday, which I’m hoping will be the turning point.


Powerline trail pictured above. There are a lot of neat views here, none of which photograph well (when photographed by me).

Here’s a bird I saw. Obviously. He was startled by the tension on my face as I attempted to derive meaning and productivity out of witnessing him.


Dayna, Layton, me. Dayna and Layton flew in on Thursday. They’ve been here before. We were at the beach yesterday in the shade of a palm tree. I asked them when we were going to, you know, *do* something. They insisted we *were* doing something.

I’m not very good at this.

Regardless, here’s a turtle — keep your chin up, buddy!



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