One Final Kauai Vacation Bring-Down and Advance Planning for Future Bring-Downs

Just FYI, there were a couple days of my Kauai vacation that looked (and felt) like this:


Even better: it’s at Wal-Mart. Saw this pic again looking through my photos today. Made me feel slightly better about being, you know, not there. Similarly, any time I think about my Utah house, I try to remind myself of the sound of the 2 AM air conditioners on top of the [fetch]ing Cabela’s in my backyard.

And when I leave my current place and later start feeling those twinges of regret for having done so, I’ll want to remember:

  • The tiles.
  • Those stupid, belligerent giant birds sitting on my deck railing.
  • Cleaning up after those stupid, belligerent birds.
  • My kayak disappearing.
  • The sprinklers coming on at 1:30 AM.
  • No overhead lighting.
  • The sound of fire engines carrying across the lake.
  • The non-stop, all-day jazz festival, the sound of which also carrying across the lake.
  • The gate guards’ unwillingness to let my guests in ever.
  • Parking lot speed bumps.

Okay, I’m ready.



  • Miquela Faure

    I very much know the feeling. I was looking through my LJ for an entry that spoke about our last day in Madagascar and couldn’t find it. Guess I put off writing about it for so long because it was a bring-down, too, all the noise, the prejudice, the proof of the sexual tourism, and the effect of “white” tourists on the mentality of the Malagasy…

    I also do the remembering thing any time I reminisce about Paris or our house in Sancerre.

  • bkdunn

    Guess I won’t be traveling to Madagascar soon, then. Sounds too much like Honiara. I’ll get over that eventually and try The Third World again some time. Just — not next year probably.

    You guys are heading back to France in another year or two, though, right?

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