New Look for the Old Blog

Spent a decent part of this weekend installing and then customizing a new theme for the blog. The one upside to WordPress’s growing dominance in the field of blog platforms is the ubiquity of free, available themes. The one downside is that, for the most part, the themes usually leave a lot to be desired in the realm of customizations. PHP seems to be a write-only language. Fortunately, this new theme is the most explicably written I’ve found thusfar. Not that I changed a whole lot about it other than the color scheme and some images, but still, the fact that I was able to figure out where to go to change the scheme and images says a lot about the straightforward nature of how the theme was put together.

And now that the new theme’s installed, I can go back to my favorite pastime of identifying and discussing What’s Wrong with Everything.


PS: No, the now-visible blog sub-title wasn’t meant to be ironic.

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