#6, California Burger at Houston’s in Santa Monica

Was in South El Monte today, which is bothersome in that, if it’s going to be “El Monte”, then the southern version should be El Monte del Sur. Or, if we’re going to anglicize everything, South Elmont.

OTOH, that was one of the ten worst injustices I noticed today, so, by and large: pretty good day.

Since we were in El Monte del Sur today, we figured we might as well drive another 30 miles to go to Santa Monica. It’s closer than I usually am to Santa Monica. #6. Houston’s. Supposedly the one in Santa Monica is The One. Houston’s in Irvine, no. Santa Monica.


California Burger at Houstons in Santa Monica

 The California Burger, #6 in the GQ Top 20.

Burger was $15 on the menu and came with fries. Burger was big. Asked for Medium-Rare and it came Medium-Rare, without having to sign any sort of release form prior to burger arrival. In this case, “California” means: arugula, provolone, tomato, red onion, honey-mustard, slab of avocado. Was somewhat pretentious, but only in the romantic way that California is sometimes pretentious.




  • bkdunn

    How can you criticize someone for not liking a movie he’s neither seen nor commented on and yet at the same time misspell the name of the movie? Sometimes I don’t know if your comments come across in the way you mean for them to come across.

  • HC12

    I think that telkontar is just hungry. It is nice, though, to see tripe, hamburgers, and a mediocre French dish all used in the same sentence. A *Post* cereal reference would be a bit of a stretch.

  • bkdunn

    Sure, who wouldn’t?! And if you’re gonna spend $15 on a burger (at a chain restaurant), you could do a whole lot worse… 🙂

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