My New Recurring Nightmare

I’ve had this dream like three times in the last couple months:

I’m on vacation. The vacation’s a week long. It’s day six and I realize I haven’t done anything yet and I start getting panicky about how I can cram enough into the last two days of the vacation to not feel like I wasted it.

I had a class at BYU on Dreams, Archetypes, and Myths (in German Literature) wherein it was suggested that repeated dreams probably mean something. I could draw some conclusions, but unlike the dream, in real life, I’m not sure what I was supposed to have done over those first five days. Oh well.


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  • telkontar

    Maybe if you punched another fish?

    My nightmares include quicksand. Not literal quicksand, but being unable to react when stimuli requires response. Once, it involved zombies in the basement from whom I could not flee.

    I have now broken the silence. I also dreamed last night that I got to the office and there were no phone messages waiting — some dreams are sweet.