I Moved!

And I’m now really tired of carrying stuff. Big thx out to DLF and DDF/DLF-Prime (whatever she’s going by these days). It was, actually, better than being at work for the last three days. Huh.

And as a result of the move $1,150 cash will be falling from the ceiling of my new bedroom every month. So cool.

Things I Won’t Miss About the Old Place:

  • Those stupid, giant birds and the crab carcasses they’d always vomit onto my deck. Ugh. I’ll post a picture one day. Of the birds, not the carcasses. Sadly.
  • The tiles in the entry way and the chandelier.
  • The stained glass.
  • The sound of sirens echoing off the lake.
  • The lake’s Summer Jazz Festival.
  • The gate guards — they had a greater than 50% failure rate at letting my guests in.
  • The speed bumps.
  • The old people who would sit in their living rooms watching — although it did make me a little nostalgic for East Germany.
  • The stunning lack of cash falling from ceilings.
  • Paying for utilities.


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