Long Weekend on Oahu

Brief FAQ

Didn’t you just go to Hawaii? Yes, but a different island.

Isn’t that a long way to fly for just a three-day weekend? Meh.

Why did you decide to go? $284 round-trip over a holiday weekend — that seemed like a sign.

Day 1 (Friday)

 Laie Point

Laie Point

Activities: Aiea Loop Trail, Lunch at Giovanni’s, North Shore

Highlight: Going to dinner with my niece between her shifts at work.

Day 2 (Saturday)

 Makapuu Oahu Lookout Bunker Interior

Concrete lookout station bunker also services as rain shelter.

Activities: Punchbowl Cemetery, Tantalus Drive, Makapuu (Lighthouse, Lookout Station), Hanapa Blowhole, Dinner at Rainbow Drive-In

Highlight: Hanging out in the lookout station bunkers.

Day 3 (Sunday)

Yokohama Bay from Kaena Point

Looking back at Yokohama Bay from Kaena Point.

Activities: Waikiki in Daylight, Drive to Yokohama Bay, Hike to Kaena Point, Tantalus Drive II

Highlight: Comparing the tent city outside of Waianae to Matanikau Village in the Solomons…

Things to Do Differently Next Time

  • Stay in one of the nicer hotels (the free parking at this one was nice, but the kitchenette and over-sizedness didn’t have much utility).
  • Plan activities around where the sun’s going to be so all your photography subjects aren’t getting blown out by back-lighting.
  • Memorize every street name, corner, and visual cues in the city of Honolulu before arrival (since all street signs here are invisible).

Things to Do the Same Next Time

  • Get a small car (I got an Impreza this time) — makes it possible to park.
  • Get restaurant recommendations from Cliff — he was 3-for-3 this time out.
  •  Enjoy the rainstorms.


I think it’s reasonable to come here for a three-day weekend (I took Friday off — it was more of a four-day weekend with 3.5 days on the ground here). The good and bad of that is that by day three, I still haven’t relaxed at all. But I’ve walked around a lot, and there’s probably utility in that.



  • Jimbo

    BK, a quick hello from the past. Just thought I’d say hey. I was thinking the other day about how we bounced a few stories off each other and I appreciated it. I’ve missed touching base every once in awhile and it’s completely my fault – I’m the worst at that, just ask my wife. So here I am and consider the base touched. Hope you and yours are well. And in the words of a Marine colonel, “Do you wnat to live forever?”

  • Jimbo

    ….I hit the damn send button before I was done above – so the last sentence makes no sense. I’m too lazy to fix it. It was really good though, just like everything I don’t write.

    Semper Fidelis

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