National Parks List — Mostly Unvisited

So yeah, I sort of have this idea that I should see every US National Park before I die. Although I’m not sure I should have to count the one in American Samoa. I got a long way to go (alpha by park):

  1. Acadia: not visited.
  2. American Samoa National Park: not visited.
  3. Arches: visited! A few times, back in Utah days. Very pretty. I like Canyonlands better, though. There can be only one.
  4. Badlands: not visited.
  5. Big Bend: not visited.
  6. Biscayne: not visited.
  7. Black Canyon of the Gunnison: not visited.
  8. Bryce Canyon: visited! Very photogenic and pretty small for a western-US park.
  9. Canyonlands: visited! Way prettier than I expected and seemingly less crowded than the other Southern Utah parks.
  10. Capital Reef: not visited.
  11. Carlsbad Caverns: not visited.
  12. Channel Islands: not visited.
  13. Congaree: not visited.
  14. Crater Lake: not visited.
  15. Cuyahoga: not visited.
  16. Death Valley: visited! Went last November and took photos. Y’know, I didn’t think it was all that amazing when I was there, but some of those pictures make it look dang pretty.
  17. Denali: not visited.
  18. Dry Tortugas: not visited.
  19. Everglades: not visited.
  20. Gates of the Arctic: not visited.
  21. Glacier: not visited.
  22. Glacier Bay: not visited.
  23. Grand Canyon: visited! And I’ve always meant to go back to hike and see what there is to see on the northern rim. Some day, some day. For that matter, some day I’m going to buy a scanner and scan all my conventional photos from pre-digital days. Just not today.
  24. Grand Teton: visited! Another one I should probably go back to in order to actually explore. The family reunion we had there didn’t involve much of the park.
  25. Great Basin: not visited.
  26. Great Sand Dunes: not visited. (Seriously? “Great” Sand Dunes…? I should probably visit just to confirm/refute my skepticism.)
  27. Great Smoky Mountains: not visited.
  28. Guadalupe Mountains: not visited.
  29. Haleakala: not visited. Next Hawaii trip though. Maybe.
  30. Hawaii Volcanoes: not visited. Ibid.
  31. Hot Springs: not visited.
  32. Isle Royale: not visited.
  33. Joshua Tree: visited! Was interesting enough the first time, but the second time, well — I kind of figure that my second trip to Mars will also reveal the destination to be a desolate, ultimately uninteresting landscape.
  34. Katmai: not visited.
  35. Kenai Fjords: not visited.
  36. Kings Canyon: visited! (So they are separate parks!)
  37. Kobuk Valley: not visited.
  38. Lake Clark: not visited. Is there any part of Alaska that’s not a national park? And I sort of get the sense that they have all these parks because there was no one who wanted to live there anyway.
  39. Lassen Volcanic: not visited.
  40. Mammoth Cave: not visited.
  41. Mesa Verde: visited! I remember being hot and very, very sleepy — but a fun trip with Fresh Goat and ErinJ and at least one of the goatlings. I think JA was on that trip too.
  42. Mt. Rainier: visited! Many times, but most recently evidenced here.
  43. North Cascades: visited!
  44. Olympic: visited! Some day I want to go when it isn’t fogged over, though. And I should probably go to the beach and rain forest side of it one of these days.
  45. Petrified Forest: not visited.
  46. Redwood: not visited.
  47. Rocky Mountain: not visited.
  48. Saguaro: not visited. I don’t think — although this photo was taken really, really close to the park entrance.
  49. Sequoia: visited! Big trees. Big trees.
  50. Shenandoah: not visited.
  51. Theodore Roosevelt: not visited.
  52. Virgin Islands: not visited.
  53. Voyageurs: not visited.
  54. Wind Cave: not visited.
  55. Wrangell-St. Elias: not visited.
  56. Yellowstone: visited! I was a kid, though, so mostly I remember the smell of sulfur and a geyser.
  57. Yosemite: not visited.
  58. Zion: visited! And the Virgin River Narrows was the best hike ever.

If I ever get around to the 48-state trip, I should be able to knock a bunch of these off the list. And then I’ll have to do that driving trip up to and through Alaska. Then I can die. I mean, eventually.


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