Next Move: Laguna Beach

Due to a specific and herewith unnamed set of circumstances, I’m moving (again) next weekend, this time to Laguna Beach. The new place is about a three-minute downhill walk to the beach and is close to downtown Laguna, where there’s supposedly a “scene” and “stuff to do”. Which may make it somewhat unlike Mission Viejo. The apartment is smaller than the one I had in Manhattan and comes furnished and with weekly maid service. It’s basically a vacation rental that I’m renting longer-term.

Further updates as events warrant.



  • Miquela

    I certainly don’t envy you the move process–and no need to since I’m facing the same :P–but I hope you’ll be happy in the new place.

  • bkdunn

    Fortunately, I ended up putting most of my stuff in storage during the last move, so this one shouldn’t be too horrifying. Relatively speaking.

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