No Better Time than June 29, 2009 for Becoming Unemployed

Or at least that’s my current operating theory. It was interesting to see how various people at work reacted to the news. Some surprised, some not so much. Me? Not surprised…




  • HC12

    You passed the gut check.

    Are you really going to go back into work for your last day on a Monday?

  • bkdunn

    CKB: I wish. Unfortunately I made myself too valuable, so they can’t justify eliminating my position. That would’ve been very, very sweet.

    HC12: It’ll be like when the coach pulls the quarterback before the end of the game so that the fans can applaud him for his individual performance. If I leave on a Friday, well, it’ll just be like I’m going home for the weekend same as everyone else.

  • telkontar

    Then why not just do the 30th and get the full month’s credit? Gives them another day to think of farewell gifts, too. Alas! Too late!

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