Scenes from the New Apartment

They’re not really scenes, I guess. Just photos. With a bunch of stuff in them because I haven’t really unpacked yet — still debating whether it makes sense to unpack, for one thing.


The new living room. The place comes furnished, btw. It’s nice, eclectic stuff.

laguna_apt_frontdoorThe view out the front door.

laguna_main_beachThe boardwalk at Main Beach in Laguna. This photo is about a mile down from where I’m living — but there’s another beach that’s just three blocks and across PCH away from me (5 minutes walk).

Chief Idiosyncracies (of the Apartment and Area):

  • It’s really small. Most of my stuff is in storage already, but not enough of it apparently.
  • No garbage disposal or dishwasher.
  • The recycling bin is bigger than the main trash can.
  • Backing out of the driveway is tricky (it slopes down toward the house and it’s kind of a blind back-out situation as a result).
  • Town is crowded on the weekends.
  • More per capita Ferarris than any other city on Earth.

Everyone warned me about the traffic before moving here. But “everyone” hasn’t lived here — they’ve just experienced traffic trying to get here on a weekend, which I’m sure was brutal. But when you’re starting with your car already in Laguna Beach, it’s not quite so awful. Driving to work is 25 minutes now, but not that much traffic on the way and it’s pretty free-flowing.

We’ll see how it goes.


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  • Martin

    good luck place looks nice….don’t forget everybody would like to go there