Things I Have to Do Before the Trip

Here ‘is:

  • Get my truck serviced.
  • Move the rest of my non-trip stuff into storage.
  • Move my trip stuff out of storage.
  • Buy a JetBoil.
  • Make reservations for Boundary Waters and other parts of the trip that need reservations.
  • Get signed up on health insurance.
  • Get my interim mailing address squared away.
  • Study for the GMAT.
  • Take the GMAT.
  • Figure out which schools I should be applying to.
  • Get my transcripts and other academic documents put together.
  • Secure all my would-be recommendation-writers.
  • Write drafts of at least a couple of the application essays.
  • Plan and book the family reunion.
  • Go to the beach once.


(Thanks to Miq for the blog post-as-self guilt trip idea!)