The Two Photos I Took While I Was in Oklahoma

I took them with my cell phone because that was what I had with me.

Oklahoma Adams Computer Lab

Me in the computer lab and distressingly clean-shaven.

Big XII Store at OKC

The "Big XII Store" at OKC Will Rogers International Airport.

Two things:

  1. From the gear available in the store, you’d think they were advocating getting rid of the other XI — sort of like USC in the Pac 1.
  2. I don’t think there are any regularly scheduled international flights going through Will Rogers. They had flights to Houston, though, which may be close enough.

The trip to Oklahoma went real well. It’s a friendly town (Norman, I mean) that seemed like an easy place to be as far as that goes. And the football stadium isn’t at the *exact* center of campus — but pretty close. Surprisingly pretty campus, though, and while there I learned that there’s an architectural style called “Cherokee Gothic”. Not sure how that jives with the Cherokee Wild Potato, but certainly it must.


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