Snow on the Hoodoos: The Bryce Canyon Story

When I was at the Capitol Reef visitor center last November, apparently some sort of 2010 Southern Utah calendar had come out and one of the rangers had just gotten ahold of one. Speaking to the woman running the bookstore, she said, “Why do they always show Bryce for their winter pictures? The other parks look good in winter too! But I guess not as good as Bryce.”

It’s spring now, but anyway:

Wall Street, Closed


Thor's Hamer, Bryce Canyon

Thor's Hammer, I think.

This is probably too many photos. Whatever. They're all uploaded already.

Top of Queen's Garden trail.


A tree.

It was from this spot that I added the new used car to my insurance policy.


I don't remember if this road was inside the park or not.

So that’s a lot of photos. You can see them at “full size” by clicking on them, you know, if that’s your thing. Most of them are from a little hike I went on down the Navajo Loop and connecting to the Queens Garden trail. Pretty and short and a little icy and steep at the top of Navajo. For some reason, probably because they’re mean, bitter people, the Parks Service closed the Wall Street trail — which is sort of the whole reason to come to Bryce. I mean, you know, that and the hoodoos, but whatever.



  • MD

    I like your beautiful pictures!!! Way too much snow however — how’s your auto in the snow??
    L, MD

    • bkdunn

      Thanks! Re: auto, mostly un-tested still. Just had to go over a couple of slush piles and endure getting about a half-inch on it overnight.

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