Big Move, Day 1 (San Diego to Holbrook)

It begins!

shadow of truck and trailerThat’s my truck(‘s shadow).

Miles Driven: 521

Gas Mileage: 16 (!) — kind of ridiculous. It’s the same mileage I got on the cross-country road trip, only this time I got the bed of the truck full to the gills and am pulling 2,000 lbs. worth of crap in a U-Haul trailer that’s older than I am. Next time I take a 22,000-mile road trip, I gotta make sure the tires are inflated I guess.

Best Song: Johnny Cash’s “Man In Black” seemed really good when it came on. I think Johnny Cash probably just sounds good on road trips though.

Best Stretch of Road: Hwy 260 from Payson, Ariz. to Heber, Ariz. Awesome roadscape, kind of reminded me of the area around Flagstaff (I guess that kind of makes sense). Mountains, tall trees, reddish rocks, surprising road-side lakes — really pretty drive.  Couple pics (cell phone while driving):

Highway 260 in Arizona

From Payson to Heber, ArizonaThere was construction.

Best Thing Consumed: The Del Taco in Yuma was a little disappointing, but then the Indian reservation convenience store in Mesa had Code Red on tap and, man, I’d forgotten how good fountain Code Red was.

What My Rig Looks Like:

Full Truck and TrailerAlso sort of what my brother’s driveway looks like.

Next Up!: I dunno. I was thinking of taking up Tennis Lessons perhaps. I’m thinking I’ll go ahead and add an hour to the trip (taking it from 38 hours driving to 39) and head up into Kansas instead of running through Amarillo and Oklahoma-OK again. Haven’t driven through much of Kansas (I’m sure it’s fascinating). Maybe Salina tomorrow night? Couldn’t find any blown fuses this morning that would explain why the running lights on the trailer don’t work, so I’m trying not to drive in the dark, which is kind of constraining.

And I might change my mind in the morning and just try to make it to OKC. Mal sehen.


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