A Day in the Life

Woke up, fell out of bed, comb+head, found my way downstairs and drank a Coke, etc., etc. Opened my garage door and there, between the door and the grill of my truck (parked in the driveway) was a dead bird. A sign, no doubt, an omen of things to come, namely:

  • There was a cop blocking the onramp for Mifflin Road, so I had to veer off onto Carson Street and was half-way to South Side flats before there was a turnoff I could use to turn around again.
  • Found out it was going to cost me $5,000 to get my roof fixed.
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. retired.
  • Big ol’ electrical storm.
  • Power went out (and stayed out for 18 hours).

Took a shower by flashlight, then I went back to bed. Today I got a revised estimate on the roof: $3,900. And it seems like I should have taken a photo of the bird.


PS, My hair’s too short to comb, but the rhythm would’ve been way off without it. Also considered using the Easy Star All-Stars variation (fingers+dreads), but figured the original would be confusing enough.

PPS, I’m sad about Griffey retiring.His bat was too slow and he should have retired at the end of last year, but he was a big part of the reason I ended up liking baseball as much as I do; he was the guy that made my team relevant. With him out of the game it feels like a part of me is, now, officially and irrevocably, washed up.



    Re: Griffey, we are in mourning too.
    Thankfully, we still have the CDOLL Minor O’s.

  • telkontar

    What way was the dead bird’s head facing? Knowledgable about Homer and irrational Greek omens, it *does* matter!
    The clubhouse will never be the same, but I still mess Steve Braun from the expansion team and Wes Stock as pitching coach, too.

  • telkontar

    The Fates are not disclosing anything. That defies augury — I only know heading to your right is better (life) and heading to your left is pretty much Hades.
    And dogs don’t sweat.
    We’re picking up 2 on Saturday to train for the Dakotas.

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