Cell Phone Photo Backlog Discharge

This is a bunch of photos I took on my cell phone (from December on) that I’ve never posted here. Seems like they usually have a different quality to them than my real-camera photos. I call that quality “graininess”.

It’s a real word.

Never saw the movie, but it was nice of them to get me a gift.

Contains MSG, so you know it can’t be all bad.

Hell is standing around for two hours listening to Tom Brunanski try and tell you how to teach a nine-year-old how to catch a fly ball.

And I still need to write my post entitled “All I Really Need to Know about Humanity I Learned Assistant Coaching My Nephew’s Little League Team for Half a Season”.

“Fewer”, because I don’t think they’re referring to the band.

A photo my nephew took of me before I eventually realized I didn’t know where my phone was.

I just don’t think Uday rates Ace-of-Hearts.

My niece posing with her brothers after her baptism.

My inner left elbow.

Every third Saturday the gunfighters shoot the teachers. Wax bullets.

Watching TV while driving.

Maybe my favorite touch-screen button ever.

Real and functional: we’re not in California any more.

That was probably too many.

Mostly ambivalent,



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