Screen Shots Educate, Inform

Wanted to share these so I can go ahead and throw them away and clear up valuable hard drive space. Plus my special-order tiles are waiting for me at Home Depot right now and this way I can put off picking them up. These are Actual Screen Shots, captured in the wild on my laptop because I found them to be awesome.

kid on clairton blvd

Amazon is proud of its European-American heritage.

I think they meant that the love seat is just comfortable with itself. Maybe too comfortable with itself.

Will it be sneezing or how will I know?

This one’s just about the audacity of Major League Baseball — selling multiple ad units within their own advertising. Play ball indeed. And seriously, how big could the overlap possibly be between baseball fans and Evony aficionados?

So that’s it. Now I can drag and drop into the trash can.