Pittsburgh, Four Months In

Bullet points foster understanding. Regarding Pittsburgh:

  • This place is very unpretentious.
  • There are weird bubbles here, though. People who live around campus have no idea what life is like here in blue-collar caucasianville.
  • It usually rains for about 15 minutes a day here. It rains very hard for those 15 minutes.
  • It’s also sunny for about 15 minutes a day here.
  • The worst thing about this place is that the roads are kind of awful, both from the standpoint that they’re badly maintained (despite there being a road crew shutting off a lane every four blocks) and from the standpoint that they don’t often go where you think they should (or provide freeway onramps/offramps in predictable places).
  • There are fireflies here and crickets chirp at night.
  • The blue collar accent here is awesome.
  • I’m also very fond of the needs/wants + past tense verb construction they use (“he wants paid”, “the dog needs walked”).

* This was originally written in October 2010. I imagine there was a plan for a longer bulleted list. It was finally published in March 2017 and back-dated to October 2010. <– Disclosed