Spam Trap Wisdom

I get a bunch of spam comments on my blogs. They either get filtered out by the spam filter (!) or stuck in my dark and somewhat dank “pending approval” queue from which they never return. It’s bots that leave them. They’re trying to mess with search algorithms by littering the blogosphere with their URLs. Sometimes they’re sort of funny.

viagra online writes “The author is really cool. But some of the commentators are just posting stupid words.”

His (her?) point is spot-on, but I was made a little suspicious by the fact that this was posted on a photo of a P-40 Warhawk that has yet to receive comments. The user name was also kind of a red flag…

HefHiesuchsic writes “I can not participate now in discussion – there is no free time. I will be released – I will necessarily express the opinion.”

Makes you think, right? Is HefHiesuchsic currently incarcerated? For crimes he (she?) didn’t commit? And what of “the opinion”?! Sadly, HefHiesuchsic never returned to (again) the photo of the P-40 Warhawk to explain. We may never learn the secret(s?).

Mei Hestand comments on this page “bathroom-drywall 008 | You should have thought of a much better title than that, lol.”

Again, a prescient point. I get pretty lazy about titling my photos of drywall in bathrooms.

Commenter preiswert urlaub raved about my trigger finger splints photo: “People Incident,force dog detailed shout term duty mental opinion page fill easy sometimes gate myself religion possibly work yourself dinner likely phase absolutely relative silence reform anyway blow contact boy equipment total corporate survey brother wonder define generally since state index responsibility method flight fact late event never effective pupil method accompany everyone yeah late reach grey have employment pleasure creation deal long deal comparison fund match museum see flow vast traffic pool aye significant impose sheet sky recognize lay shall arrange make sport plate satisfy traditional under survey”

And I’m inclined to agree. Meanwhile, over on my 48stateroadtrip site, commenter Vivienne Damone delivers some good news:

Pleased new calendar year!

Although it’s unclear whether she means that my post regarding the Valley of the Gods that has accomplished said pleasing. And then everyone’s friend jobs in graphic design had this counter-argument regarding the Blue Ridge Parkway:

I don’t accept this blog post. Nonetheless, I had searched in Yahoo and I’ve found out that you are right and I seemed to be thinking in the improper way. Keep on publishing high quality content similar to this.

I guess it wasn’t much of a counter-argument.

And now I figure it’s only a matter of time before the Good Times virus makes a comeback through social networking.



  • Dena

    This comment has nothing to do with THIS particular post but I couldn’t find any other contact info for you. Anyway, I spent a few weeks reading about your 48 state road trip and wanted to say thank you for heading up to Munising, Michigan! I’m from a small town called Gwinn (in the UP) and I’m very excited to know that someone from outside of the UP has actually heard of…well, the UP. I’m in Jacksonville, Florida now. Winters are much more pleasant here. 🙂

    • bkdunn

      LOL. It was stunning up there. I tell people that “Northern Michigan” was one of my favorite parts of the trip, but I can tell they don’t believe me…

      • Dena

        Actually, Northern Michigan refers to the northern portion of the mitten. Those people who live under the bridge…we call them “trolls”. In return, we are “Yoopers”. It was a pretty cool place to grow up. I hope you get a chance to go back!

  • Mr. Telkontar

    I just about choked on Doritos laughing.
    How about a long weekend on Isle Royale if you love the UP so much? I learned about the mitten in our second month of our first Chicago summer.
    No more lazy titles — I think you have learned your lesson.