Foundation Painting and Front Yard Planting: An Update

May 2010:

March 2011:

June 22, 2011:

Most notable, of course, is the primer that spilled onto the driveway. I’ll enjoy putting an asphalt patch on top of that.

Here’s an up-close of the side yard in case anyone cares:

How many differences can you find?

More to come — later.



  1. Painted the masonry block foundation gray (= pressure washing, applying waterproofing primer (heavy stuff), and concrete paint).
  2. Painted the “trim” on the porch and stairs gray.
  3. Painted the porch railing.
  4. Planted a bunch of stuff.
  5. Mulched.
  6. And the dwarf Alberta spruce is bigger now (if you look close enough, you can sort of see it in the first photo).

Mostly for my own sake, here’s what I’ve planted…

East side front yard:

  • Azalea (some red variety)
  • Shasta daisies
  • Midnight Blue Salvia (x2)
  • Rhododendron (x2; one doesn’t seem prone to living)
  • Hydrangea (“endless summer” variety)
  • Lillies (3x)
  • Arbor vitae
  • Green mountain boxwood (along the driveway)
  • Weigala (a maroon variety)
  • Spirea (x3 — can’t see them, they’re off to the right)
  • Blue rug juniper (x5 or 6)
  • Blue pacific juniper (x2)
  • Bunch of weeds (x?)

West side front yard:

  • Common boxwood (2x, one on either side of the stairs leading into the back yard)
  • Hydrangea (a sort of purple variant)
  • Japonica (pieris?) — this is a cool plant
  • Boulevard pyramidal cypress (“broad, pyramidal, evergreen shrub with soft, silvery blue-green foliage that turns bluish-gray in the winter” — if you were wondering)
  • Day lillies (stella d’oro variet, 2x)
  • Korean spice vibernum (next to the steps going up from the driveway)


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