AMC Pacer at Pitt

Cell Phone Photo Dump, 2011

Another year, another full flash memory card. Except it wasn’t full. Not by a long shot. Because I didn’t do very much this year but go to class. What a year! What a year.

I should probably just start posting these on Facebook instead. Just that I kind of want Facebook to fail, so — you know. Also, I don’t remember in which month I got the phone. Probably spring some time.

Large eagle in lumber department.

A giant eagle at Lowe’s: a retail allegory.

Because Giant Eagle is the big grocery chain in western Pennsylvania is why. That’s a really big bird, though. And not very shy. And I’m not sure which of the small children there he had his sites set on.

Pan fish

A pan fish I caught.

It’s not as big as it looks. Orrin did a nice job with the trick photography. But the impressive thing in the photo isn’t the fish that was about to be un-hooked, it’s (IMHO) this:

Poison ivy on arm.

The effects of poison ivy.

Before moving to Pittsburgh, I was barely even aware that poison ivy still existed in the modern world. I certainly wasn’t aware of how, just, ridiculously awful it is. Fortunately, after the fourth or fifth outbreak I figured out a regimen to minimize the damage of the contact. But man, at this point I itch just looking at it. Hopefully none of the poison got on the fish…

Meanwhile, here’s a sunset:

Sunset at Keystone Lake, Pennsylvania

Sunset on Keystone Lake

Also this…

Eastern Rat Snake

The eastern rat snake that got into my garage.

As mentioned elsewhere, he was a gentleman among snakes. Waited for me to open the garage door before slithering in, then barely complained when I picked him up with my snow shovel and threw him out into the yard. Four feet long, inch and a half thick. They eat bird eggs, mice, and chipmunks.

This next photo was taken at the mall nearest my house (Century III) at about 12:30 PM.

Century III Food Court

This is the food court.

Interestingly, most of the restaurant spaces were occupied (and the restaurants were open for business). OTOH, you know your mall isn’t doing very well when it not only has two GameStops in it, but it also has two Army recruiting offices. (Would seem to indicate low lease rates is what I’m saying.)

A shirt I wore one day while fighting my cell phone.

Here are a couple shots of Mt. Rainier taken while maneuvering around the breakwater barges in Commencement Bay (Tacoma) in my dad’s boat.

Tyee Marina breakwater

Heading out of the marina

Mt. Rainier from Commencement Bay

Then onto the open waters of Commencement Bay.

Also while out west this summer, I got to reconnect with some old friends:

Carl's Jr. in Spokane

This was in Spokane (downtown). It is the most friendly Carl’s Jr. I’ve ever been to. The guy taking orders at the counter actually knew the names of his regular customers *and* knew what they usually ordered. It was almost too much to handle.

Del Taco in South Bend

The Del Taco in South Bend (Ind.) wasn’t as friendly. And South Bend isn’t exactly “out west”, it was just close enough to have a Del Taco. Food was good, but I got the impression they don’t sell a lot of the churros.

And this is a cup of Postum:


And then I went to eBay and saw that a jar of the stuff costs like $400 now because they quit making it several years ago.

All right, then there’s this building on the campus at Pitt that’s called the “Cathedral of Learning”. It was a WPP project. How could it not have been? Anyway, every time I see it I think of the Tower of Babel, although I’m not sure any sacrilege (or language instruction) actually happens there.

Cathedral of Learning (University of Pittsburgh)

Cathedral of Learning, Pitt

And then there was this day when I was thinking that I hadn’t seen an AMC Pacer on the road in like a decade. Then a couple days later I saw this one (with current inspection stickers).

AMC Pacer at Pitt

You can’t beat the paint scheme.

Or maybe you *can* beat it, I don’t know. I’ve never actually tried.

Anyway, that’s a big enough dump I guess.