How People Found My Blog Last Year

The number one source of traffic for my blog is search engines. Crazy, I know. And I like self-evaluation. So, here’s this.

The top 20 search terms used to find my blog in 2011:

  1. diy tv stand (and what a stand it is…!)
  2. forbes field (I have one photograph)
  3. ford trimotor (ibid, but at least this one’s a potentially interesting photograph)
  4. diy kitchen table (although it turned out to be more of a writing desk)
  5. trigger finger (the ligament inflammation, not the need to shoot people)
  6. spooky gulch (referring to the gulch, not to my grad school experiences)
  7. b-52 (several photos actually)
  8. diy tv stand plans
  9. reagan library
  10. tv stand diy (it was still a terrible project)
  11. gluing wood together (although I can see my info being possibly helpful to someone trying to glue wood together)
  12. general sherman (the tree, not the general; anyone looking for the general will have been disappointed)
  13. tv stand plans
  14. b52
  15. ford tri motor
  16. diy tv stands
  17. flying tigers (one photo)
  18. diy entertainment center
  19. washing machine drain (one photo)
  20. spruce goose (ibid)

In addition, 49 people found my site by searching for the word “clamps”, 33 by searching for “kia jeep” (which isn’t discussed anywhere on this domain), and 30 by searching for “pittsburgh toilet” (and to think that two years ago I’d never heard of such).