Skiing Stowe (with the Other Tourists)

Skiing Stowe was expensive and nice. Great weather, they take care of the mountain well, tons of parking right next to the lifts (!!), lifts go to useful places, many (long) runs of varying description, etc. Locals seem to dislike it because it doesn’t offer them any in-state discounts. Fair enough, but the discounts for out-of-staters aren’t great either, but I got over it.

Top of Mt. Mansfield (Vermont’s highest point!) from the top of the Stowe quad.

Looking up the gondola lift-line.

Chute full of moguls somewhere at the bottom of the hill.

I think this run (“Hayride”?) is less flat than it looks.

View across the top of the ski hill from the quad to the gondola.

So that’s what it looks like. Sunny weather and the snow was surprisingly good everywhere. What else?

  • I think the locals also don’t like it because Stowe doesn’t let skiers ski in the woods. That’s usually sort of a thing in the northeast.
  • Stowe moves a lot of people up the hill, but the slopes never seem crowded and there were never any serious lines. The place feels smaller than it is. IMHO. In a good way.
  • A lot of French-speaking Canadians. Again.
  • The resort has two different sides to it with a gondola connecting the two sides (by crossing the parking lot and the highway). The other side is kind of lame though.
  • Although it seemed odd to me that the lame side is the one with all the condos and shops.
  • The lodges on the non-lame side seem a little more rustic than you’d expect at a ski resort that charges $92 a day.
  • Skiing on the quad is more challenging/interesting than skiing on the gondola.
  • The bacon cheeseburger in the cafeteria was overpriced. That probably would’ve gone without saying.
  • At the top of the gondola they have a waffle stand, but I did not buy a waffle.

Had a great day here. Would gladly return. $92 (or $78 pre-purchase through Liftopia) is steep, but if you’re going to drive 12 hours to go skiing, I mean, you know. May as well.

Your pal,




  • CK Dunn

    I thought Stowe’s other name was “ice.” glad you got good crystals to ski, other than the jealousy part. Hayride, Stump Farm — it’s all the same.

  • bkdunn

    I think Stump Farm sounds worse. And I can’t find it on Crystal’s trail map anywhere. And it seems wrong that #5 doesn’t go up K2 Face any more. Everything in the past is so much better.

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