Down and Out in Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.

Some months ago I received visitors from California. During their visit, some photos were taken. I now offer up those photos to this repository. Long may they remain available. Long!

Pgh skyline from the Allegheny shoreline.

A tourist-photographer tests the light before taking a picture of a drain affixed to a wall in an otherwise empty room. There’s probably art here, I’m just not sure where its boundaries are.

Manassas Battlefield in Virginia.

As it turned out, I didn’t really take photos in DC. I did, however, discover that I really resent that place. It’s probably good I didn’t go to UMCP for grad school. Although they have better restaurants there than here.

Also: DLDF’s photos of the same trip are art, e.g.,,, and


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  • Argosinu

    You do know why the North called the Battle Bull Run while the South called it Manassas, do you not?