BKDunn.com Stats for 2012

I don’t get enough traffic to get very interesting metrics. Instead, I get these.

Most-Used Search Terms
These are the search terms that were most used to find my site (according to WordPress).

Rank Term Last Note
1. diy tv stand 1 Still a bad project.
2. redwood tree NR
3. ford trimotor 3
3. la jolla NR
5. trigger finger 5
6. forbes field 2
7. la jolla cove NR
8. cross country road trip NR
9. diy tv stand plans 8
10. california redwood tree NR
11. diy kitchen table 4 Now holds up my compound miter saw.
12. b52 14
13. seven springs NR Overpriced, overcrowded. Assumed profitable.
14. ford tri motor 15
15. painted rooms NR
16. spruce goose 20
17. trigger finger splint NR
18. marble canyon NR
19. spooky gulch 6
20. pittsburgh international airport NR

More turn-over than I would have guessed. I’m apparently big in La Jolla. And last year my posts about the giant sequoias were big, whereas this year things have tilted toward redwoods. It’s probably meaningful.

Here’s a list about pages viewed (don’t know how these worked out last year). I’m omitting the home page and pages that are virtual duplicates (e.g., the multiple pages about the DIY entertainment center that isn’t very good).

Rank Term Year Note
1. DIY TV Stand Project 2008 Other steps would have occupied spots 2, 3, & 7.
2. US War Deaths per Day by Conflict (War, Battle) and How Iraq Compares 2008
3. ford-trimotor-interior (photo) 2009
4. Big Wave Day in La Jolla 2010
5. More B-52 Photos, By Request (Plus a Couple Pics of AMARG) 2008
6. slate-tile-floor-finished (Photo) 2010
7. Cross-Country Road Trip v. 3.0: 48 States in 90 Days 2009 I miss the road trip.
8. The Indistinct Redwood National Park and a Bunch of Indistinct State Parks 2009 I like the photos still.
9. My First Red Egg and Ginger Party 2008 There has not yet been a second.
10. Getting Closer: My Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Table Project So Far 2008
11. Injury Update: Trigger Fingers 2010
12. De-Stapling the Hardwoods 2010
13. Gantt Chart for My Home Renovation Project in Pittsburgh 2010 Milestones were missed.
14. Painting and Carpeting the Front Porch 2011
15. Spooky Gulch, Peek-a-Boo Gulch, and Dry Fork Hike 2010
16. How to Remove Shoe Moulding 2010
17. Kitchen Floor: Slated 2010
18. The Evergreen Air and Space Museum 2009
19. forbes-field-outfield-wall (Photo) 2010
20. Renting the Jeep Wrangler on Kauai 2007

So 2008 and 2010 were big years. Most popular posts written this year were about my fake plastic rocks and my Versa-lok retaining wall — they were tied for 66th. I didn’t post a lot this year.