Goblin Valley with Dog

In May I drove down to Goblin Valley with Dog.

The dog does not like riding in the car. I usually put her in her crate while driving anywhere with her, since otherwise she gets really agitated, wants to sit on my legs, then wants to crawl on my shoulders, then invariably wedges herself between the headrest and the side of the car. Invariably. Point being, I gave her another shot to sit up front with the human on this trip and she went all flat-eared on me, shedding most of her fur before giving it her all trying to kill us both before managing to wedge herself between the headrest and the side of the car.

I don’t actually get Goblin Valley. It’s a state park and in Utah fwiw, but I don’t see the point of staying there for more than about a half-hour. During our half-hour tour of the park, I took these pictures.

Which seems to be most of what there is to see there. Well — there was some slot canyon also, but we didn’t go there since doing so might have made it more difficult to disparage Goblin Valley after the fact (taking the dog into the slot canyon wouldn’t have worked well). The dog was thirsty most of the time. Also, all the hoodoos were cool, but if I’d let her off her leash, I never would have found her again. Also, when we pulled into the parking lot, there was a field trip of Park City private middle school kids who wanted to interact with the dog, with one of them fairly accurately describing to his classmates the various fur coloration possibilities of purebred Pembroke Welsh corgis.

Camped in one of the rough non-campsite campsites that you find on every dirt road within a couple miles of the park entrance. Was free and a cool location, but dry. Bats came out at night, though, which was nice. We slept in the back of the car, but not well.

The end.