Summiting Mt. Naomi

It’s also called Naomi Peak. It’s the highest peak in the entire Bear River Range (!). You know, if you sub-divide your mountain ranges thoroughly enough, every peak can be the highest peak in something.

So I had this one student last spring whom I saw at the dog park last summer and we talked about, hey, we should take our dogs hiking some time. And then he followed up, and then we ended up taking our dogs hiking up to Mt. Naomi Peak. I don’t know if Peak should be capitalized. Or included.

The hike was fun, a little steep, not much shade, and that’s most of the details. Was good to also have non-canid company on a hike for once.

A lot of the scenery looked like this:

Dog of Danger at the peak:

Pano from peak:

I think we might try to hit Jardine Juniper this summer before he moves back to Arizona. Hopefully the dogs get along okay in the car if so.