Bedroom Getting on Toward Done-ish

Befores and currents:

Other direction.


  • Floor stripped, sanded, and re-finished.
  • Closet hardware removed.
  • Closet wall and ceiling replaced.
  • Ceiling primed and painted.
  • Walls primed and painted (“Barraud House Blue” and “Tyler Stone Medium”).
  • Trim primed and painted.
  • Baseboards cut to fit modern registers.
  • New registers installed.
  • New light fixture installed.
  • New three-prong outlets installed (x3).
  • New light switch.
  • New closet organizer installed.

That’s really not much of a list. It really shouldn’t have taken so long.

Still to Come:

  • Window coverings (x2).
  • Ceiling vent replacement.
  • Door painted and replaced.

Really looking forward to it.


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3 Responses to Bedroom Getting on Toward Done-ish

  1. Roberta says:

    The blue wall is sweet. Nice cut in, too. Not a fan of the brown goo. Was that primer?

    • bkdunn says:

      @Dayna: Thx! Fwiw, the color selection process has been agonizing. @Roberta: No, someone actually painted the wall that color (it’s not primer). I think they meant it to be a “faux finish”, but it always looked to me like monkeys had been flinging… well, brown paint.

  2. dayna says:

    I really like the colors you’ve chosen for your bedroom. Very impressive, Brian. Keep up the good work!

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