Beartooths: Keyser Brown Lake, September Morn Lake, and First Lake

And then I woke up. Ended up hiking up to September Morn lake (decent climb!). It’s a cool lake and would’ve been a better place to camp (better sites) if not for the fact that it’s another two (three?) miles from Keyser Brown and another 1,000+ feet in elevation climb. Das Leben ist ja schwer.

Morning reflections in Keyser Brown.

September Morn Lake, where I presume Neil Diamond danced until the night became a brand new day.

A 12-inch brookie I caught there.

A 120-inch brook I crossed there.

View of Keyser Brown and First Lake from the trail above.

First Rock Lake (with rocks).

Big Thunder Mountain.

  • Should have spent more time fishing at September Morn.
  • Not having a working watch is hard.
  • Had serious line problems, but was able to salvage enough to jam knot a couple strands together for fishing up at September Morn.
  • Then lost most of the rest of my line hiking back from First Lake and, thus, was out of the game.
  • There was a nice fishing hole for nine-inch cutts at the bottom of a cascade between First Rock and Keyser Brown. I thought someone should know.


PS, More SEO fodder in the title. Sorries.

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3 Responses to Beartooths: Keyser Brown Lake, September Morn Lake, and First Lake

  1. Smiley Burnett says:

    I been to kaiser brown many times….20 years ago…..put camp in just to the right side of head waters nice clearing about 40 ft by 60 ft…..spring seeped out of north side of camp, as I shoved an aluminum fly rod canister in the leak of the spring about two foot and had great cold fresh water for the camp…….probably changed today….caught many brooks and a few cuts….first rock we waded out chest high could throw fly another thirty foot in to the edge of channel and caught 10 to 12 inch cutts…….could catch limit in 30 minutes…..few blk Bears back then but didn’t fuss much unless you left camp unattended….because sept morn had nice fat brookies

    • bkdunn says:

      I’m not sure it’s all that different nowadays. It’s been four years since I was there (went back to Glacier Lake last year though), but four years ago — yeah, that clearing was still there and the water sure looked clear. There were also a lot of fish in the still parts of the stream between First and Keyser Brown, such that you could pretty much just aim your fly at whichever one you wanted to catch. (Thanks for commenting!)

  2. Smiley Burnett says:

    Great pictures

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