Notes Regarding Fijian Taxi Drivers

The driver from Ba, who took me from Ba to Navala and back, was by far my favorite (see video).

VIDEO (Quicktime, 600K):  Taxi from Navala

Some notes and observations related to Fijian cab drivers:

  • If you offer to buy them a Coke, they’ll take you up on it.
  • As far as I could tell, every single one of them is Indian-Fijian.
  • According to the drivers, the reason for this is because if a Fijian-Fijian every put together enough money to own a car, he’d take it out once, get drunk, wrap it around a tree, and then no longer have the car.
  • Fiji cab drivers often see themselves more as salesmen-concierges and will offer to take you to their house for all-you-can-drink kava. For a price.
  • In fact, all (well, some) Fiji cab drivers are part-time pimps — or at least are in some pimp’s MLM down-line. They have no compunctions about providing alone-traveling Anglos access to “a good time”.


Cabbies Say the Darnedest Things

Cab driver from DFW to the W Victory was Palestinian: “What are they fighting for? What do they want their own country for? We already have 22 Arab countries and they all suck. What do we want a 23rd for?” Of course, he also mentioned that the only people greedier than the “yellow man” were the Jews, whom he described as “at least as crazy as we are”.

I should’ve pushed him to give me his take on Mormons.