Bathroom Update

Because every blog needs an occasional bathroom update. People need to know.

I think last time I posted the bathroom was gutted and mostly wall-less. A couple months ago my parents flew out and my dad put up new drywall for me:

That bleached red towel down there is stopping up the toilet drain. If you ever come stay at my house, you may want to think twice before using any bleached red towels after showering. Just saying.

Anyway, I don’t want to type, so here are a bunch of photos instead. They imply that putting the bathroom back together has required a few steps. They’re also chronological.

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And the Kitchen Sink As Well

Cabinets, counter top, appliances, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and dishwaser: I think that’s officially a functioning kitchen.

Water lines by Rube Goldberg, aka what happens when you tell the guy at Home Depot that you want to hook up a dishwasher without soldering anything.

kitchen from 1958

Eh — maybe I should have just left well enough alone.

Another couple run-throughs without leaking and I’ll put the cover panel back on the dishwasher. You were wondering.


Many Hands Make Plumbing Work

My parents came out to visit last week. Was good to have some company, especially company that wanted to spend their time in Pittsburgh working on my house. Here’s a list of some of their accomplishments:

  • Delivered my car to me from San Diego.
  • Got my washing machine drainage pipe to stop leaking.
  • Took out the laundry sink (that had rusted through).
  • Capped the water inlets for the laundry sink.
  • Pulled out the sink cabinet from the kitchen.
  • Took out the now-useless plumbing from the kitchen.
  • Encouraged me to buy a sawzall.
  • Bought me a hedge trimmer.
  • Cut the four-feet-tall weeds in the front yard down to the ground.
  • Discovered a dozen eggs in the side yard (?).
  • Stripped the little bedroom of its leather-like paint.
  • Got two of the four basement fluorescent light fixtures to function regularly.
  • Pulled the vanity out of the bathroom.
  • Removed the worn-out bathroom sink drainage pipes.
  • Found a nearby Mexican restaurant that’s surprisingly good.

It’s a good tally for three days. Didn’t realize my dad knew so much about plumbing. Feel kind of bad there was none of the fun stuff ready for them to do — I guess the kitchen would be the only real fun stuff (tiling, hanging cabinets, installing counter tops). Maybe next trip.

The family that strips together…

Sawzall conquers all — or at least can saw a sink cabinet in half. Wonder if it can cut through a zombie spine.

No gushing water. Any more.