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Map for My Post-Dissertation Road Trip

Although it’s also sort of a during-dissertation road trip. Not pictured is the flying from San Diego to Pittsburgh and back. Long may it remain unpictured! Presumed worst parts (in chronological order): Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois OK to the Rockies I-80 across Wyo (time permitting, maybe I’ll drive the Colorado route instead) North Texas bkd

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The Problems with Living in Pittsburgh

Here’s the short version: the roads, the weather, and the blue-collar mentality. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Everywhere’s got at least three problems… Long version: As ever, I know that once I move, I’m going to eventually start thinking about how much easier life would be if I were only back in Pittsburgh. Preemptively

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Here were the ten most popular posts on in the year 2010, which thereby richly deserve recognition. I’m omitting the counting numbers because it makes the whole blog seem pathetic. Do-It-Yourself TV Stand and/or Entertainment Center Part 1: Plans and Stuff to By – It’s a crappy entertainment center, but that title is such

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Bye, Dave

I always feared this day would come. Edgar’s Double, 1995 That’s not just 50 seconds of baseball radio announcing, that’s vindication for everyone who lived in the Northwest from 1977 to 1994 and followed the local baseball team despite its historic ineptitude. Dave Niehaus was the man who made people think that following a bunch

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