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Desert Island Albums

Rules/Guidelines: Can only choose five. No compilation albums. One album per band. It’s not really the albums you would take with you onto an actual desert island. It’s: if you could only listen to five albums for the rest of your (otherwise normal) life, what would they be? Mine (alpha by artist): DEATH FROM ABOVE

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Energy Drink Challenge: Monster vs. Full Throttle Fury

The quest for the perfect daily beverage-as-drug continues. The last four days have witnessed my first encounters with both Monster and Full Throttle Fury. Next week, Cocaine! (Actually, I think they got forced to change their name. Oh well.) Monster: Tastes like someone melted every flavor of Jolly Rancher ever conceived and then mixed it

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Experimenting with Drugs: How Alternating Doses of Energy Drink and Melatonin Have Kept Me Alive Another Two Days

One big upside to having a widescreen laptop is that you can do ridiculously long blog post titles without getting to the end of the input form. Just FYI. The last couple days I’ve been dosing myself with Energy Drink in the morning (8 oz./morning, Rockstar Juice variety) and then loading up with melatonin to

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Wrong bkdunn

I’m used to getting wrong Brian Dunn emails on my brian.dunn at gmail address, but lately I’m getting wrong bkdunns as well. Most of the wrong brian.dunns are for some guy who was in the Peace Corps in Uganda. It’s kind of sad getting emails from someone else’s grandmother. Here’s my favorite to date: Peterson,

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