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My New (Used) Car: An FAQ

So I’m not necessarily *excited* about the car, but then again, it’s not a car I bought for the sake of excitement. It’ll definitely get good mileage. I bought it from a known source that I know isn’t trying to scam me. It was cheap enough that if it spontaneously combusts RIGHT NOW, I’ll recover financially.

Origins: Family Photos from Before My Time

When I was back up in the Greater Seattle Area over Christmas, my dad was in the throes of a scanning-old-photos bender. So I ended up seeing a lot of old photos while I was up there. It’s interesting to see what your parents used to look like long before you ever knew them. Sort of makes the rest of the story to-date make more sense seeing what the beginning looked like.

Next Move: Laguna Beach

Due to a specific and herewith unnamed set of circumstances, I’m moving (again) next weekend, this time to Laguna Beach. The new place is about a three-minute downhill walk to the beach and is close to downtown Laguna, where there’s supposedly a “scene” and “stuff to do”. Which may make it somewhat unlike Mission Viejo.

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Additional Photographic Glory

Another email from freshgoat: ———- Forwarded message ———- Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 10:50:01 -0600 (MDT) From: Freshgoat To: Subject: Re: [ #6084] website email: Reproduction On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, via RT wrote: Allow me to introduce myself that I am [name], Rights Controller of Maruzen Planet Co., Ltd., a publisher

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