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Wildfires Are Prettier at Dusk

But photos of them are a little blurry (it was a 6-second exposure and I challenge anyone to get that doofy point-and-click to stay still on a flat surface for 6 seconds). This shot was taken from the parking lot in the condo complex where I live. On the drive home there were several folks who’d parked in prime viewing locations and I wondered if they were locals or if they were the ones whose houses are closest to this particular blaze.


Wind and Fire, Live from SoCal

Fire’s pretty cool, smoke not so much. One of the fire situations down here was (is?) going on in Irvine yesterday, within about a mile of the office where I work. They evacuated the prison across the street from us, but we didn’t evacuate, no sir. (Actually a lot of employees just left.) The air inside the office smelled like smoke, so they turned the A/C off to keep from bringing smoke into the building. Unfortunately it was in the high-80’s yesterday, so that led to the problem of it being really hot inside the office. Not to mention all the near-choking when trying to walk across the parking lot to your car.

But like my dad always says, if it were fun they wouldn’t call it work.

The wind last night was fierce (gale force!) and I’m guessing today’s gonna be a hot one as a result. Santa Anas are kind of cool (read: hot) in January, but right now I’m ready for some fall weather (read: low-70s). My heavy duty owl got blown off its perch yesterday, so I’m not sure what’s gonna keep those huge ugly lake birds off my deck. Maybe the wind will get them too. I’d go outside and see if my deck furniture is still around, but do I really want to know?