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Photos with American Flags in Them

Here are pictures I’ve taken in the last 12 months that include American flags. They’re not necessarily great photos, they just have American flags in them. There are 50. If you can name the location of all fifty of them, I’ll give you a quarter. No fair looking at the image file names.

You can click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.

0-1 Correct: You’re probably normal.

2-3: Somewhat better than normal.

4-5: Way better than normal.

6 or more: Some sort of super-genius (or else you follow my blogs and retain a lot of information — I guess those aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive).

Kind of makes me want to go on a road trip around the country or something. Tell you what, summer after I do my comps, I’m gonna take four months off again. Maybe.