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Fort Scott and Bleeding Southeastern Kansas

On the way back from the greater Kansas City area, I stopped in Fort Scott, Kan. because there was a fort there. Do I really need to explain myself? Yes? Fine. Because there was a fort there, whatever. This was like in October or something. It was a cool fort, and everyone that ever drives by Fort Scott should probably stop and check it out. It’s been months now, though, so I…
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Bloody Kansas, Move Day 2 (Holbrook to Dodge City)

That’s right, Kansas. More importantly: I’ve lost my sunflower seed inner-cheek callous. There will be a few more days of pain as the tissues rebuild. Got on the road before 6 this morning. Covered 697 miles today. If you want to know what a place looks like *right before* it turns into a ghost town, I recommend taking a drive down Main Street in Tucumcari, N.M. When you put a lot of…
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