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What I Did on My Winter Vacation, Part II: Taos and Monarch

From the greater Phoenix area, I headed back the way I came, up that one highway that probably has a number toward Holbrook. It was still pretty: Although it also spat snow somewhere in those mountains, a true harbinger of the two weeks to come. Which is good, since I cannot abide a false harbinger. I spent New Year’s Eve sleeping at an Air B&B place. It was like a casita at…
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Capulin Volcano: Monumental and in New Mexico

The last day of this summer’s road trip started in South Fork, Colo., where Cheeto bag explosions are an epidemic (inferentially), worked its way down through southern Colorado into New Mexico, then across the Okie panhandle and then on to Norman, my supposed home. Had lunch in Taos (New Mexican food and the hatch chili sauce on the enchiladas was special), then drove through northeastern NM by way of Angel Fire (has…
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That One Time When I Bought a Car in New Mexico

Because they didn’t have any of this car closer than that? Also, I think I got a very good deal on it. I’d seen an almost identical car to this one get bought in SoCal for $23,900 (by “seen”, I mean that I bid $23,500 for it, the guy “accepted” my offer, then 12 hours later said that he had also accepted a better offer and that that person had come and…
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