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Three Hours in Balboa Park

Makes 21 in dog-hours.

Went to Balboa Park (in San Diego) ostensibly to visit the Museum of Photographic Arts there. They had some nice photos inside and, naturally, you’re not allowed to take any photographs yourself while there. Hypocrites.

I don’t think I’d ever been to Balboa Park before, though, aside from going to the zoo. Here are some pictures because I haven’t posted anything in a long time:

The top of some building + sky.

Stupid Balboa, thinks he's better than me just because he has a horse. Hate Balboa.

The Measure of a Museum of a Man -- it looks taller than that from a distance.

View of the park through a colonnade.

I noted names of a couple of photographers I want to look up some day into my Blackberry. Haven’t looked at it again since. Meh.

Then I went home.