Keystone Lake, Pennsylvania (Fishing Sort Of)

This was a few weeks ago. Decided I should go fishing. Decided that, no matter what, I wasn’t going to rent a boat or buy live bait or lures that I didn’t already own. Decided I didn’t want to drive very far and that the lake should be small. I guess I needed criteria.

Drove to Keystone Lake, which is east of the Burgh, past Murrysville. The lake looked like this:

There was a spot on the map of the lake that indicated that it was the place where you were supposed to fish from the shore. I did that for two hours, but nothing happened. I tried six or seven different lures.

It’s kind of stupid probably. I have no idea whether lures work in that lake. No one else was fishing there. I never run into people who fish anywhere anyway. The only people I met who fish were the landscapers who cleaned up my yard, but they just go down to the Mon and fish using potato buds soaked in vodka and/or (cheap) maple syrup or something, which is arguably the only “lure” I’ve ever heard of that’s less appetizing than using leeches. Leaches? Either way.

Next time, I’ll rent a boat and buy worms. <sigh> I might end up having to buy a sit-on-top kayak, too. I’m guessing re-sale on those can’t be all bad.



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