My Traveling Nightmare Is Over — For Now

Was out of town on three of four consecutive weekends. Chicago, New York, Taos. There were fantastic things about each of those trips, but I’m (predictably) sick now (I’m assuming there’s a correlation), the house is messed up, I probably have overdue bills, I haven’t worked out or gone running since the travel period started, etc., etc.

Worst part, of course, is that I’m way behind on the blog. And all four people who read it are probably *really* pissed by now. How else will they find out What’s Wrong with Everything if I don’t tell them?

In case anyone’s worried: yes, I finished the TV stand. Like a month and a half ago. I got photos. One day I’ll post. Hopefully soon since that’s the only info that outsiders are coming here for.

The trips all probably deserve posts. But in summary:

  • Chicago: thunderstorms, brother’s kids were cool, already posted about it.
  • New York: thunderstorms and it won’t be much of a loss when Yankee Stadium gets razed.
  • New Mexico: thunderstorms, Bandelier was cool, family reunions perhaps less so.

I’m making a mid-year’s resolution to Stop Going Anywhere, although it’s already gonna be getting undone by:

  1. Going to in WOOHOOVEGA$$$!!!! in September. Because I love WOOHOOVEGA$$$!!! so very, very dearly — and because I think my boss is going.
  2. Going to Kauai in October. Mostly just so I can go on that dumb drainage pipe hike that I wanted to go on last year but couldn’t because of the, well, thunderstorms.

In NM, talked a little bit with IT about Hitchhiker’s Guide and that one miserable character in there who was unknowingly the god of rain and who was followed by rain clouds everywhere he went because they loved him and wanted to be near him.

Just that this has been an uncanny run, that’s all. I blame the Republicans.



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