Bike Log

Cost of Bike: $1,020 (includes new stuff purchased for road bike prior to initial ride)

Eliza Furnace, across the river, past Kennywood to the second bridge then back. I need some new routes.

  • Miles: 332.2
  • $/Mile: $3.07
  • Rides: 21
  • $/Ride: $48.57


Got a new bike computer; they couldn’t fix the old one because it was old. Eliza Furnace down to the Prison on the Ohio, then back up to Andy Warhol, then back through Southside to Eliza again. Via Point State Park both ways. Not a lot left to explore, but the prison looked like an old castle/fortress and had an abandoned Victorian house for the warden behind a wrought iron gate on the river side.

  • Miles: 312.2
  • $/Mile: $3.27
  • Rides: 20 (!) –> That’s like 4 a year!
  • $/Ride: $51.00


Eliza Furnace to Kennywood. There’s not a lot left to explore on that trail system. Plus I broke the bike computer again.

Miles: 291.7
$/Mile: $3.50
Rides: 19
$/Ride: $53.70


Panther Hollow to North Shore via Eliza Furnace and Point State Park. Kind of crowded.

Miles: 272.2$/Mile: $3.75
Rides: 18
$/Ride: $56.67


Fixed the bike computer I think.

Miles: 255.8
$/Mile: $3.99
Rides: 17
$/Ride: $60.00


I can’t remember if I ever rode when I lived at Sad Jeff’s house (it’s fine, it’s over now, and I was never going to be a fan of The Fray anyway). I’m going to go with “no”, since Sad Jeff was a professional biker, which would have made me self-conscious. So that means — I rode twice on the Road Trip, once around Monterrey and once on Jekyll Island. I’m going to guess 12 miles a pop on each of those. Then I’ve ridden twice since I moved to Pittsburgh, once was like 7 miles, and the other was 15.

I’ve had the bike for five years now? Crazy. Also, the odometer broke a while back. So, assuming I never rode between November ’08 and when I quit Toshiba…

  • Miles: 240.7
  • $/mile: $4.24
  • Rides: 16
  • $/Ride: $63.75

I’m not including the new tires I bought before the road trip. And I’m probably forgetting a random ride or maybe two somewhere. I have another bike computer I can attach. I’ll do that.


  • Miles: 194.7
  • $/mile: $5.24
  • Rides: 12
  • $/ride: $85.00


Miles: 168.3
$/mile: $6.06

Rides: 11
$/ride: $92.72 (breaking the $100 barrier! so committed!)

9/23/08Miles: 131.0
$/Mile: $7.79

Rides: 9
$/Ride: $113.33

Miles: 114.3
$/Mile: $8.92 (breaking the $10 threshold!)Rides: 8
$/Ride: $127.50

Miles: 93.4
$/Mile: $10.92Rides: 7
$/Ride: $145.71

 8/30/08Miles: 75.7
$/mile: $13.47Rides: 6
$/ride: $170.00 


Miles: 51.0
$/Mile: $20.00

Rides: 4
$/Ride: $255.00

As of 8/1/08
Total Miles Ridden: 32.1 (= odometer +13.0)
$ per Mile: $31.78
Rides: 3
$ per Ride: $340.00