Southern Utah Itinerary

Heading out in a few minutes here. This is what the back of my car looks like, with stuff in it:

So, yeah, I have a “car” now.  I’ll post on that one later. Maybe.

  • Su: Mt. Helix to Escalante Petrified State Park (or maybe some hotel in St. George)
  • Mo: Escalante (Some Hole-in-the-Rock hike)
  • Tu: Escalante (Somethin’)
  • We: Escalante (Some Hole-in-the-Rock hike)
  • Th: Escalante to Kanab to Page
  • Fr: Paria Canyon Backpacking (start at Wire Pass)
  • Sa: Paria Canyon
  • Su: Paria Canyon
  • Mo: Paria Canyon (exit Lee’s Ferry), probably sleep in Page or so.
  • Tu: Page to Mt. Helix

Now you know.



  1. Miquela

    Enjoy yourself! Think of us when you are in Paria. Are you going to try to visit The Wave (Coyote Butte)?

    1. bkdunn

      — no… Not unless I can’t arrange a ride to the trailhead. OTOH, maybe it’s good to leave a few things undone?

  2. Christy

    You chose the perfect time of the year to hike the canyons. It’s not too crowded or too hot. Hopefully you were able to get a shuttle from Lee’s Ferry to Wire Pass. House Rock Road (trailhead)would be rough on a Prius.

    1. bkdunn

      Yeah, so, I didn’t end up doing the Wire Pass/Buckskin/Paria trip. I’ll have to go back another time. With my truck.


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