The Things I Planted

When I moved in:

A month ago (April 2011):


Finally managed to get the garage door closed.

There’s more progress than is obvious; I have most of the plantings done (in this part of the yard), just that they need to grow in and I need to finish mulching. Mulch spreading speed is hampered by lack of available old newspapers (although the neighbors are helping in this regard). It’s also hampered by how crappy-steep that slope is. I was tempted to give-in and get a local Lawncare service Georgia company.

Here’s what’s in there, if you want to get in on the front yard plant ghoul pool (strictly a “what dies first?” game; after the first fatality, we can reassess).

  • Some variety of arbor vitae.
  • Rhodedendron (x2, different varieties, can’t remember the names and it’s too hard to go outside and look even though I’ve left the tags on).
  • Azalea (x2, different varieties, can’t remember the names, etc.).
  • Asiatic Lily (x3, ibid.).
  • Sierra something or other (x1).
  • Hydrangea (x1, some variety, who knows?).
  • Salvia (x2, midnight something and some other blueish name).
  • Green Mountain boxwood (x5).
  • Blue Pacific juniper (x2).
  • Blue Rug juniper (x5).

My money is on the hydrangea dying first.

Still need one more blue rug and probably a couple other bushier junipers or similar to plant next to the hedge at street level. The corner between the driveway and the street I’m going to use for a little flower bed I guess (daylillies? exotic grass? low-rise clumpy flowering things? mal sehen).

Here, this angle makes it look like I’ve done something:

And, yeah.


PS, I also bought a lawn mower. I almost enjoy mowing the lawn so long as it’s *my* lawn.


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