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Kitchen Plan II: Revenge of the Kitchen

Kind of hit a setback in the blogging department when my laptop’s video card went south on Friday night and stayed there. Laptop is currently north of here, at a shop, getting fixed. Supposedly. It might be fixed under recall — I’m pressing my thumbs in hopeful anticipation. Here’s another thought on the kitchen. It’s

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I Love the Smell of Polyurethane in the Morning

Smells like… victory. Seriously. First coat. The finished wood doesn’t actually look as dark as this. Now I just gotta wait another 72 hours for it to cure. Depending on the lighting, I either really like the natural wood (no stain) look or have continued misgivings about it. Natural light: looks great. Artificial: misgivings. It’s unfair

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Things I Now Know About the Guy Who Sold Me His Aunt’s Washing Machine

Nice guy, actually. I think I probably overpaid for the washer by $45, but there just aren’t many used washers available on the Pittsburgh Craigslist right now. I should probably have waited for the semester to be over, but I haven’t been able to locate a laundromat that isn’t in a scary ghost town part

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