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The House I’m Trying to Buy in Pittsburgh

Spent today looking at houses in the Pitt. It’s different here. For one thing, any house that seems too inexpensive for its specs is usually that way because the floors all slant different directions. I was in three houses today where — yeah. Felt like standing on a ship’s deck. The one I’m trying to buy is in the Lincoln Place neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I’m taking the offer paperwork over to the office in the morning.

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Origins: Family Photos from Before My Time

When I was back up in the Greater Seattle Area over Christmas, my dad was in the throes of a scanning-old-photos bender. So I ended up seeing a lot of old photos while I was up there. It’s interesting to see what your parents used to look like long before you ever knew them. Sort of makes the rest of the story to-date make more sense seeing what the beginning looked like.

And Hopefully the Slavers Aren’t Active During the School Year

It’s final, then: I’m going to Pittsburgh! The program has a great reputation and the faculty are outstanding — both in terms of their quality of research and, like, personality. And I think it’ll provide more than 3-4 hours of gameplay, especially since I’m not Level 20 in real life. I like to pretend I am, but I’m really not.

This Is What Pittsburgh Looks Like

Got back from The Pitt on Saturday night, was there for about 44 hours total, during which time it never got over 20 degrees. Everyone there apologized for the weather, but honestly it’s kind of cool to have a good reason to wear said parka for once and anyway, clear skies and 15 degrees breaks up the monotony of overcast and 65 in a welcome manner. Seriously. For me.

Turns Out I’m Not Any Stupider Than I Was 14 Years Ago

At least, not according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council. Although, to analyze my own assertion, I should note the following unsupported assumptions: The GMAT in 2009 does not necessarily test in the same manner as it did in 1995. The scores may be scaled differently today. The test may not be a good measure

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